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Buddy Comms Download for Windows the best Discord App alternative for Gamers used for text chat and voice chat while playing games. it developed by Matt Price. We know that Discord app is based on the server connectivity and chat rooms. Similarly, Buddy comms is the software based on the servers and chat rooms to connect with other gamers.

Buddy Comms Technical Setup Details

  • Software Version Title: Buddy Comms Build 1
  • Buddy Comms Setup File Name: Buddy_Comms_Windows_Installer.exe
  • Full setup Size: 37.2 MB
  • Computer Software Author: Matt Price
  • Developer Website:
  • Software Category: Internet
  • Setup Type: Full version \ Offline installer download free
  • Os Bit Type: 32 BIT OS / 64 BIT Os

Buddy Comms Overview

Stay connected with your gaming friends either by voice or text chat. Send files and receive files over Lan Network.

Buddy Comm Free VOIP software for windows:

Many passionate gamers interested to stay in contact with other players. it is not always easy, something that can sometimes harm the success of the team.

There are tools that can help players communicate quickly with their team members. One of them is certainly Buddy Comms, a lightweight, snappy program that also includes text and voice chat support.

By using the Buddy Comms users can stream audio files directly from the application to other players and can organize files in groups.

Fast, Easiest Interface

Additionally, Buddy Comm is the free Windows VoIP software that provides a tutorial that gives first-time users all the information they need to get the application up and running.

Different networking solutions for the device can be accessed via its special primary window. Furthermore, the settings are easily available, and all the options are available on tabs. Also, the software provides wave buffering capabilities and allows users to pick several audio files to run.

Communicating with voice calling and text chat

Download Buddy Comm as a free chat client for your Smartphone App. This mobile apps allows users to chat with other gamers by talking to them, but also provides a chat window for those who prefer text rather than audio. Additionally, it includes sharing support.

Users have the ability to change different audio settings to make sure their communications are delivering a great experience. Thus, they could take advantage of Noise cancelation and can adjust the volume of the audio and set specific microphone activation options for noise reduction.

Buddy Comm is a lightweight software that uses low system resources. It would not slow down your system performance while playing the games.

Connect via Lan Network

With this software, users can host communications to their desktops with other individuals, over the Lan network. When the program runs, the server can be configured to start very quickly and can be secured with a password.

All and all, Buddy Comms can be a snappy, easy-to-use software that lets you players talk with their families while enjoying it. The program features voice and their ability to talk text, enables users to build host servers, and used to exchange documents. Buddy Comms is the program that allows users to search and connect instantly to their LAN for servers inside.

Connect with Lan

Buddy Comms is the best free software to connect or chat with your friends via LAN.  it automatically detects the other PCs and Mobile in Lan network and you can chat with other people in the Lan network and also send huge files over Lan Network.

Buddy Comms Build 1 System requirements of

  • Operating System: Windows 8 32/64 little, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP 32/64 bit
  • Complete setup Size: 37.2 MB
  • Os Bit Sort: 32 BIT OS / 64 BIT Os


  • Registration deadline

Buddy Comm  Features 

  • Fully cross-platform (Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux )
  • Clean, minimalist design that seems to be and behaves the same on lots of other platforms
  • Low latency, low bandwidth, high-quality VoIP including noise reduction, acoustic echo cancellation, and their voice isolation
  • Low CPU and memory needs (runs great even on the $35 Raspberry Pi)
  • Simple to join and server servers with no router configuration in general
  • Powerful security and safety which includes password authentication, 128-bit encryption, blacklists, and their function restriction
  • Private channels regarding their splitting into voice isolated teams
  • File transfers
  • Remote monitor sharing
  • Pre-recorded WAV and their MP3 audio streaming with all voice recognition commands.
  • Public and non-public text chat.
  • Up so that you can 60 users each server case

Discord Alternatives:

In my view, Buddy Comm is its best alternative to the discord app. it has some same functionalities like discord that you can connect with you through the mobile. you can talk with your connected buddies who are listed on your mobile. for this others should download Buddy Command install in the mobile phone or system or laptop. This ABCD also uses it to connect with your friend while gaming similar to the discord app. But there are some limitations when compared to the discord. Buddy Comm has different features like HD VOIP calling, chat via LAN, Remote monitor sharing.

Buddy Comms Free Download

Click below Buddy Comms Build 1 Download links for windows.  it is the full version of Buddy Comms of with 37.2 MB size for Windows Os for both 32-Bit and their 64 Bit Os styles.

Buddy Comms 1 Download

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