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Download Discord App for Linux platforms like Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE,Arch Linux users can easily install the Discord Package . in this post I am giving the Linux packages links to download and install to Linux based pc or Laptop.

Discord for Linux Overview

Like Discord for Windows and Mac Ox, Discord also released its version packages in Linux too. But you must need some Linux Knowledge to install it into Linux based Pcs and Linux Laptops. The Discord messenger for the Linux platform, Discord for Linux is also many ways resembles the versions for Microsoft Windows, Android and IOS. Best Chat application for gamers around the world can communicate with each other through convenient online chat rooms, create their own teams, roles and conferences. Today, the service is extremely popular among fans of online games because of the possibility of voice communication. The Linux Discord client is officially available and is supported by the developers of the program.

Discord Linux app provides free access to all functions, which cannot be said about its main competitors, Ventrilo and TeamSpeak. Also, unlike Skype, Discord can prevent direct DDOS attacks on IP. The only serious disadvantage of this messenger is an unfriendly overloaded interface. The beginner will have to spend some time to continue to confidently use all the options Discord.

Discord is valued, first of all, for its functionality and high-quality audio connection. This application allows you to create multiple channels at once and communicate with a large number of people simultaneously in one window. To send a message to the user on the server’s common channel, just click on the nickname with the right mouse button and select “Mention” in the menu, and then the addressee will see that this message came from you. Plus, you can add friends directly to the Discord Tag (the number assigned when registering an account) and chat one-on-one through the “Private Messages” tab.

Download Discord for Linux platforms Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, OpenSUSE

Discord Features

Discord is a voice communication client that took all the best and most convenient from the most famous programs of this kind. First of all, the application will be useful for gamers, since it consumes very few system resources, thereby not affecting the FPS rate during the game. The program allows you to communicate completely free of charge, does not contain annoying ads, hidden fees, premium subscriptions and other unpleasant things. It provides stable conferences with high sound quality, can work in the Push-to-Talk mode, has powerful protection against DDoS attacks, and also offers the simplest and fastest account creation process. To enjoy all the features of this app, you can download Discord for Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSuse and supports many Linux Distributions

With its concept Discord is extremely similar to TeamSpeak. That’s, to communicate, the user will have to create a server (this is free and is done in two clicks), and then invite the right users to it. Invited people have the opportunity to communicate in voice mode and exchange text messages. The creator of the server can easily “stir up” individual users, create groups and so on.

All of the above features are available for the Discord web version, the official add-on for web browsers and mobile versions that are available for all popular platforms. In general, we have an excellent Alternative to TeamSpeak, Skype, and CurseVoise, which compares favorably to the listed software solutions with functionality and performance.

Discord Advantages :

  • supports both text and voice channels;
  • perfect for chatting with friends in games;
  • There is a built-in protection against DDOS-attacks;
  • Available server change function;
  • create servers and bots.
  • does not allow other users to calculate your IP address;
  • does not contain embedded advertising banners;
  • there is a function to determine the game, which the user has entered, or the active stream;
  • A large collection of emoticons and emoji;
  • you can independently set the volume to other users on the channel and disable the noisiest;
  • allows you to change and delete sent messages;
  • availability of push notifications;
  • high quality of communication;
  • simple account registration.

Discord disadvantages:

  • the non-standard interface can push those users who are accustomed to messengers with a simple bright design;.
  • you can not upload large files;
  • A huge number of options initially confusing.

DiscordApp Download  for Linux

Discord App download for Linux, here I am giving both tar and deb packages for Linux Users.

Download Discord for Linux Deb Package 

Download Discord for Linux TarPackage 



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