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Discord is a voice and text chat service where you can gather your friends and chat during a game. It promises not to slow games and is 100% free.   Discord is a popular voice app with  250 million users worldwide.

Discord App types:

Discord app is not Limited for the mobile, Windows, MacBook, it available in 5 versions according to the operating systems supported.  As for now, there are five Discord versions are available. so you can access the discord from any type of application. I mostly like the web version and windows Desktop version.

  • Web-version contains some Discord functions (easy and convenient)
  • Client Basic Edition comes with full Discord functionality (general users)
  • Discord Client Canary Beta comes with  Discord Pre-Test Function (for those interested in developing Discord)
  • Client PTB Beta, I haven’t used it on a personal basis, it should be similar to Canary.
  • Mobile app version both Android and Ios versions are available, you can just download it into your mobile and use it as a normal app.

Discord Five Version Introduction Official Downloads links :

All the above Verison of discord supported by all Os platforms like Windows, Mac Os, Linux, Android, IOs

If you don’t have knowledge of Discord, then you should try the other chatting software like LINE, Teamspeak, RC, Skype. It used for the gamers, for normal voice calling and text chat you can try the any of the below services
Building discord bots need some technical knowledge as well as programming knowledge. There are thousands of Discord bots are available and each bot has some functionality to complete a task in the chat rooms.

The screenshots in this article are based on the version of the PC.

First look at the Discord Basic Use screen:

 Discord App Features:

  • No Ads Full version you can use, many of the Chat apps are contained full of advertisements. whereas in the case of the Discord it is completely free from Annoying advertisements.
  • It stored text, pictures, and other records permanently. unlike other platforms, it stored the data permanently stored the data in the high-speed servers. so you can access them anytime.
  • Support for two-stage safety certification
  • the discord User interface is completely easy to use, it does not take much time to understand and use the application.
  • Simple community classification style
  • Use Unicode encoding Text to make text and nicknames more interesting.
  • Switching text channels and voice channels is very easy: You can connect to a single voice channel to switch between other text channels. Sub-channels are added to make the details of channel management more diverse. Sub-channels must add to make the details of channel management more diverse.

Discord is popular because of the most advance features

  • Uses fewer system resources when playing games at the same time does not affect voice delivery.
  • Pinned text channels can pin important pictures and text messages. In the future, you can directly find the key points in the pinned area without fear of losing your frequency.
  • If the idle channel hangs up in the voice zone for too long, it will be forced to move to the mute channel (can be set or not).
  • Referring to someone while in the chat is very easy in Discord. Symbolic hyperlinks such as @ can mark someone, # can mark a text channel, and so on.
  • Show your gameplay to friends and watch what games others are playing, Viceversa.
  • The current version will automatically detect more well-known games and display play information.
  • Editing and deleting text messages is different from the other general chat other chat platforms, you cannot delete the Messages after sending them. But in Discord App text channel you can edit text messages after you send the message. It is very convenient for the correction of the lack of words, typos, and frequency errors caused by quick speech.  Note: Do not use it for illegal purposes.
  • The server-specific emotes can upload common emotes to the server for free (administrator rights required).
  • The server-specific reaction is similar to Facebook’s Like function, but the Like option is all available emotes for individuals.
  • The video function currently only supports private conversation video (not sure if the current version supports multiple simultaneous videos).
The Discord app most important feature is you can show your gameplay to others.
You can see the other gamer’s gameplay, you can talk with them while you are in the game. 

Discord App mobile view

Discord Requirements and supported devices and Operating systems:

Because of  Discord using low system resources, it can be suitable for any type of Device and Operating system.

  • Supports smartphone iOS Apple iOS & Android.
  • Support imported BOT can install many types of robot-assisted server operation so that the server has a more personalized style and function.
  • live streaming on various platforms such as Youtube, Twitch, etc.
  • Support computer operating system Windows & Mac os x & Linux.
  • the web version does not need the client program to be downloaded. Discord voice communication can also be used on the general web page.
  • multi-language conversion including more than 20 kinds of commonly used English, French, traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and so on.
  • Multi-platform account links such as Youtube, Twitch, Steam, Skype, FB, Twitter, etc. The great advantage of the discord is you can use this application with other popular social media platforms.
  • Preview images (including .gif), video (mp4, WebM, etc.) URL links can currently be previewed directly on the text channel.
  • The support channel webhook makes external import more convenient and simple.
  • Support 2FA two-phase authentication Discord account and server more secure.

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