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Several of us use our Android smartphone for playing games. Download Discord App v2.6.1,  While playing the game, especially if it is involves many quantity of players, it is very important make proper gaming plans and strategies to win the game. Even so, do you know associated with an app which could support such chats only for the gamers? Well, there is an application out there named Discord App v2.6.1 that provides the gamers a platform to communicate with each and every other via voice and text. In case you are into games using your buddies, Discord App v2.6.1 is actually a must have application for you personally. The application shows you live chat as well as the chatting history for your communications that you might have missed.


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Download Discord App v2.6.1

Discord App v2.6.1 is modern game chatting that is used by more than a 10 million people available from all over the world. Within this app, anyone can easily chat with each and every various other free of charge. You will also generate groups and do group chat with the members. It will be the best platform that you simply can have for interacting with other gamers. Within this post, we will discuss the features of Discord App v2.6.1 then we will proceed towards the downloading section where we will tell you how you can download Discord App and set up the application on your Android mobile phone.

 Discord App v2.6.1 Advance Features

  • Discord App v2.6.1 is packed with functions and offers a great platform for interaction. Listed here are the highlights with the application:
  • Supports both voice and text chats.
  • Enables real-time messaging.
  • Is accessible for cross-platform communication.
  • There’s no fee for by using this application.
  • Can easily secure your talk with the 2-step mobile phone verification.
  • Supports message recipes.
  • Within your chat, anyone can send images, videos and texts.
  • Push notification could be enabled.
  • You can easily invite other players to join the chatting just by using link.
  • One can easily send private communications by using direct chat.
  • Organizable channels.Now that you simply know the features of the application, let me explain to you how you can free download and set up the application on your Android cell phone.

Download Discord App v2.6.1

You can download free and install Discord App v2.6.1 on your Android device by following our step guide provided below.

How to install Discord App ?

Download Discord App here

  1. Go to “Settings” and enable “Unknown Sources”.
  2. Download free Discord App v2.6.1
  3. Tap on the downloaded file.
  4. Open it then tap on “Install”. Tapping on set up will give all the essential permissions to Discord App v2.6.1
  5. Wait for your set up process to be completed.
  6. Tap on the application icon to launch Discord App v2.6.1
  7. Anyone are now ready to rock the overall game, thanks to Discord App v2.6.1!

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