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Download skype latest version for Windows, Mac, Linux

Download Skype full setup from official Micorosft servers, Use Skype full version Download without any license limitations. Skype is the best chatting software to chat with friends as well as business meetings. we already discuss, Discord is the best alternative to Skype. In this post I am giving the skype Direct download links, you can download Skype full offline installer setup and install it without the need of Internet.

Skype Download for Windows Overview

Download Skype for windows allows you to make free calls all over the world in minutes, using new P2P (peer-to-peer) technology to connect you with other Skype users. if you are searching for the best cheap rates to make international calls to the mobiles, then Skype is the best solution for making cheaper calls to other countries. you can also chat with the other Skype users who are in the online. you can connect with your friends in voice chat with very quality sound an voice. Skype downloaded by millions of mobile and pc users, so Skype is the best cross-platform instant messaging application as well as best video calling application and voice calling application.

Skype can be loaded into your computer quickly and easily. Just download and register, and within a few minutes, you can use your PC headset to talk to your friends over Skype. Skype Voice calls have very good sound quality, and both parties use password transmission to ensure high security. Best of all, Skype works fine without you having to reconfigure your firewall or router. As many messengers unlike Windows messenger, Google messenger, Yahoo messenger Skype is the most Popular chat messenger so that later it acquired by Microsoft.

“Skype for Business comes with the Video cropping features, you can crop the video which is excess in view”

Skype for Business with Video Auto-cropping Features

Skype Features

  • Free Instant messaging app with voice calling an video calling: Along with the primary functions required by instant messaging software, Skype also provides free online voice and video calls, supports 24 free voice calls between Skype friends worldwide, and can also initiate 24-party voice calls connecting computers, fixed lines, and mobiles. You can get the ultimate experience during free Video calling over Skype. Support 10 Party conference video calls. Skype with P2P technology can dynamically encrypt each call and instant message without worrying about the message being leaked out or Hacked.
  • Make cheap International Calls: Skype can call mobile phones and landline phones in more than 300 countries and regions around the world at very cheap international call rates. Skype supports smartphone operating systems such as iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry. It can be used on many smart gadgets such as iPhone, iPad, HTC, Nokia, Samsung, and BlackBerry. It has been rated as one of the top ten free apps of Apple App Store in 2010 and is highly sought after by users.
  • Skype multiple person video Calls ( Video conference calls Via Skype): Multi-person video call can communicate face-to-face with multiple friends, family members or colleagues during the call, eliminating the distance of the space and gaining an unprecedented communication experience. The new version of the video call is more clear and stable.
  • Skype WiFi : Whether you are at home or abroad, the aircraft field or cafes, as long as you have available in public areas around the wireless local area network hotspot (WiFi), you’ll be able to pay on time billing of Internet services through Skype euro card (Skypeout) Support more than 1 million hotspots worldwide.

How to make a voice conference using Skype Group call feature?

Skype Voice conferences  or Skype group call feature support up to 25 People at a same time, which means you can call up to 24 parties for voice calls at the same time. Here’s how:

Make Free Video calls conference Over Skype Group Call , connect 24 members at a time.

1. Create a new group conversation to create skype group call, or select a previously created group from the Contacts tab.
2. Click on “Call Group“. When the first person answers the call, the call window is displayed. Skype will continue to ring the unanswered person.

3. During the call, when the participant speaks, the blue color will be highlighted.
4. If you are the originator of a meeting, you can remove any person in the skype group call. To do this, hover your cursor over the person’s picture in the call window and click the red on-hook icon that appears.
5. Anyone who participates in the meeting can add a contact to the call. You can click “+” and select “Invite more people to join the call”. Select the user you want to add from the contact list and click Add.

6. During a call, you can switch between two views: normal view and dynamic attempt. The normal view is the default view, and all the contacts participating in the call are displayed in the same size in the call window. In the dynamic view, the user who is speaking will occupy a wider position in the call window, allowing participants to follow the user. To switch between normal view and dynamic attempt, click the square button in the upper right corner of the call window to select the dynamic view.

Use Skype for Interviews:

According to foreign media reports, Microsoft’s Skype recently introduced a new feature called “interview” that allows users to conduct technical interviews through this feature.

Download Skype for windows

Skype for Interviews

Skype has built a dedicated website for this, and the interviewer can use the real-time code editor to test the job seekers in seven programming languages.
Microsoft said that in fact, this feature has been a technical preview since a few days ago, until now it was officially put into practical use on the web version of Skype.

Skype’s move is to strengthen its position among enterprise users, not for the average user.
It is reported that Skype is not the only service that launches this feature but also has some competitors, but its biggest advantage is that it has a large number of users and is a common tool for remote video calls. This feature will speed up the interview process because the interviewer does not have to switch back and forth between different tools, saving time.

Download Skype 8.31 Full version for Windows, Mac, Linux:

Here I am giving the latest Skype 8.31 version download for windows for the versions Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. Skype is the best instant messaging software and good for voice calling and video calling.

Here are the full Skype offline Installer download setup for windows for both 32 bit and 64 Bit Os types, Mac Osx and Linux based systems.

Skype 8.31 Download for Windows

 Skype Download for Mac

Skype Download for Linux [.DEB] ( Linux Package Debian)

Skype Download for Linux [.RPM] ( Linux Package RPM based distributions )

Skype Download for Mobile Versions

Below are the Skype Mobile versions download , you can download and install in your mobiles for free.

Skype Download for Android

Skype Download for iOS[Apple mobile]

Skype Download for Windows Mobile

Skype Portable Download (Skype classic)

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