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Ventrilo is the most popular  Voice over IP (VoIP) group communications application. Ventrilo is known as best for the HD call quality using low system resources and works in slow internet connections. Ventrilo is the Best alternative for discord on Teamspeak, Ventrilo is similar to discordant in speak where you can find both client and servers. 

Ventrilo is a program designed for voice communication with other Internet users. Includes call recording, built-in chat (IRC) and a set of sound effects to change your voice. Ventrilo is also the industry default by which lots of other others measure themselves since they attempt to imitate its unique comes with.

Free latest Ventrilo overview

Ventrilo is a unique program that allows you to organize voice communication on the network using VoIP technology . The application is widely used in multi-player team games, where the simultaneous communication between the participants of one team is important.

Ventrilo Client and server Technology:

Ventrilo consists of client and server parts. To create a “chat room“, one of the users installs a server, to which other participants connect via the client part. It is worth noting that up to 8 connections can be arranged for free – if your team has more players, you will have to pay for a licence.

Ventrilo is distinguished from other voice communication services by its simple setup, the availability of additional audio effects, good sound quality without a time delay, encryption of the conversation channel, the presence of the Text-to-Speech function (text to voice), the ability to record, built-in chat, etc. What’s interesting Ventrilo can be activated by pressing the installed hot button on the keyboard (or mouse), as well as automatically depending on the set voice level.

Ventrilo comprises two primary Components: The Client that every end user will need to download, and the Server. Only one person needs to host a Server that all of the other Clients will connect to. Ventrilo is supported on different platforms as well ranging from Microsoft Windows to Apple Macintosh and Linux.

Each of the following links will take you to a unique download page for the specified product. You can use these links on your web site in order to make downloading the client easier for your users, or you can link directly to this page so that they may see all of the available files.

Latest Ventrilo features :

the latest Ventrilo Version 3.0.0 introduces more user control of how the main window has been displayed. Anyone should be in a position to change on and off the title bar, display the bigger buttons on a proper or switch to toolbar mode with all the icons on top so that you can maximize the usable width of this window. The extended mode which hides the User Name, Server and their Bindings opportunities. Change on and their off grid lines within the user list window. You can also affect the user record window icons in addition to their toolbar icons.

Most of these changes still keep your most commonly used comes with during your own finger helpful suggestions by means of your single click on the mouse. No have to navigate clunky multi-stage menu options just send a comment for the additional users.

Version 3.0.0 is actually compliant with all The Microsoft company XP Themes Graphical user interface.

Advance features of Ventrilo:

  • Organization of voice communication of the whole group of people and one-on-one conversations.
  • The ability to protect the communication channel with a password.
  • Text-to-speech option.
  • In addition to voice communication, it is possible to text through internal chat.
  • Convenient setup of sound effects.
  • Ability to record voice conversations while voice calling. 
  • Activation of the program by voice or keys on a PC, etc.
  • Ventrilo Features
  • Voice level adjustment;
  • Manual adjustment of sound effects;
  • Management using hotkeys;
  • Quick on / off microphone;
  • The function of scoring of arbitrary text;
  • Making audio calls in conference mode;
  • Creating an open or closed chat for communication on the network;
  • Ability to record your conversations with other users;
  • Regular software updates from the official website of the developer.

Ventrilo advantages

Ventrilo is something different from other competitors like discord, Teamspeak

  • Support for DirectX 9.0;
  • The choice of communication channel is available;
  • Extremely simple controls;
  • Low system requirements
  • Personal Data Protection Tool;
  • Provides high quality sound;
  • Low consumption of Internet traffic;
  • The free version of Ventrilo (Client and Server) is compatible with Microsoft Windows 10 and Mac OS X.

Ventrilo disadvantages as compared to the others

  • Many more advanced analogs;
  • There are restrictions on free communication (simultaneously up to 8 people in chat).

Ventrilo download for Windows, Mac OS

 Ventrilo client download for Windows 32 bit

Ventrilo client download for Windows 64 bit

Download for Windows 95/ 98 

Ventrilo Client download for Mac

Ventrilo Servers Download links

Ventrilo server download for Windows

Ventrilo server download for Mac

Ventrilo server download for Linux

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