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What is Discord App?

Discord App for Gamers is an application that is used for communication between players. It offers the opportunity to run text and voice conversations, along with sending attachments in a variety of formats, including photos and videos. Discord is a powerful voice client that enables you to create a server (also called Discord servers ), Discord Bots and establish a conference call with other users. Discord is a chatbot application with the best features that are many chat applications is not used. Like Skype, the Discord messenger can send text messages and allows you to customize the list of friends, similarly, Teamspeak application practically doesn’t consume Huge system resources. That’s why the program is popular among gamers and has already managed to gain a huge audience of fans.

So many searching for the Whats is Discord app and why Discord? (why it is) and How Discord is useful?. I give the little clarification in this post.

Discord is the Chat Application, you can chat with friends, Co-Gamers, family, and Business, for free. YES, DISCORD IS A FREE APPLICATION FOR WINDOWS, MAC, LINUX, ANDROID, AND IOS.

Discord App Features

Discord Chat Messenger for Gamers

Unlike  Skype messenger, Gmail messenger, Teamspeak, live Messenger Ventrilo and TeamSpeak, Discord is completely free, regardless of the number of users. Just like in classic messengers, you can create a chat room or Chat Group in it and use group conversations with permission management as well as an extensive text chat. Discord has many advanced features that are very useful for Gamers as well as common Internet user who need a best chatting Application.

Discord Chat App for Gamers is a program that can be useful to players. It is used for communication in games and allows you to send both voice messages and text messages, provided with photos and videos. Discord is a chat software designed specifically for gamers for Android smartphones and tablets. If you are interested in playing various games and want to connect with other players and use the latest news and game results as well as online game coordination, you can use this software. All chat channels are available to players and you can communicate with them in a text or audio format. There is also the ability to share videos, pictures, and more. You can also organize and manage the channel by building it.

Discord for Gamers is seeing a remarkable amount of adoption by gamers and non-gamers alike. Its advanced features are made for gaming, obviously: it offers not just statuses, however, a take a look at what games your friends are playing via your friend’s list. It provides group chats, and they also come with a lot of fun features.

Some of the features of the discord app for both Windows, Mac, Linux, Android are

  • Voice and text messenger:  it basically a voice and text messaging app which has the Advance feature that beyond the normal chat messenger application.
    New and modern chat experience for gamers: Discord is obviously giving best chat experience with a variety of Advance features that not limiting as simple Voice chat App or Texting app. It offers more than a common chat application can.
  • Multi-Tasking: A huge advantage of Discord on Windows is the ability to enable the overlay on the game, which will be visible all the time and allow quick access to the communicator functions. Unfortunately, this option is not available on Macs. However, you can configure your own keyboard shortcuts to use the program and use them while playing.
  • Support for web-access and availability of mobile applications: To use the Discord user can access it through the Web Browsers, Discord Windows app, DIscord Mac App, Discord android app. you can connect Discord from any device and many devices at once.
  • Low load on the system: One of the Main and desired features of discord is it uses the Low system resources, When I tested Discord in voice call it uses only 12 to 15% of CPU whereas skype using 30 – 35% CPU resources. It is a very noticeable Discord app Best feature which uses low Cpu and System Resources. For gamers when Playing heavy games if they operate any other Voice chat application the game will slow or Voice call is also disconnected due to greater system usage, in this situations, the discord app is a very great alternative for skype and other chatting applications.
  • Protection from IP and DDoS-attacks: Security is also one of the factors for the popularity of Discord app, it has both IP and DDOS protection from end to end users.
  • Convenient administration of voice communication channels: if you understand all the options and features of Discord app to manage, then you feel it is easiest chat applications with great features.3
  • Easy Media Sharing: sharing video, image, the file is very easy in this application.
  • Invite Friends through the Invite link:  Discord users will normally provide an invite link to their followers and friends, and being invited may be the simplest way to join a server. The Discord server is divided into text channels, and voice chat rooms.
  • Groups and channels: it also makes discord on top of the chart, you can manage groups and channels (like Whatsapp Groups), you can join in groups and chat with your friends in the group. There are thousands of channels or Discord bots are available.
  • Support for multiple servers:  You can connect to the nearest servers to make fast connections between co-gamers, this helps you always connect your friends with fast connections.
  • Discord Bots: The Discord bot is the function or even functionality that will boost the overall user experience by adding various functions towards the servers. The actual bots are generally the actual programs that are owned along with controlled by users.
  • Multi device compatibility: Discord supports almost all devices you can uses discord with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android app. you can always connect with all devices at once. it is compatible with Android phone and tablet Gadgets.
  • Totally Free: Many application like Ventrilo, Teamspeak are offering both free services and PRemium services like to create servers and use them. whereas Discord is totally free and you can use without any limitation, Hence it is free to voice chat and text chat application for Gamers.
  • Developers Code for Discord: Since it is an Open source, Developers can code the discord app in Javascript and Python and other languages, Developers can write programs to accomplish a task in discord. for more info you can browse the Discord support forums.

DicordApp Download

Discord APp released their all versions for Windows, Mac Os, Linux, IOs , Android.

Discord For web :

One of the best Discord’s Advantage is to connect from the web browser, this feature is very unique which separated this app from other chat platforms. You can simply connect to discord account from your Chrome Browser or Mozilla browser. you can get the full functionalities of discord services as same as like discord app for windows, android, Ios, Mac os or Linux. 

Discord App for Windows:

Discord Released the version of Windows, Windows users can Download Discord app for windows from here. after downloading if you are the new user you should register to the new discord account and you can connect to your co-gamers and friends from windows PC or laptop.

Discord app for Mac :

Discord Released the version of Mac, Mac Os users can Download Discord app for Mac from here. after downloading if you are the new user you need to register for the new discord account and you could connect with your co-gamers and friends from Mac PC or laptop.

Discord App for Linux :

Discord Released the version of Linux, Linux Os users can Download Discord app for Linux from here. after downloading if you’re the new user you have to register for the new discord account and you can get connected to your co-gamers and friends from Linux PC or laptop.

Discord App for Ios:

Discord released make available the app for  Apple phone users, Apple Ios uses can Download Discord app for Ios. After downloading the app to your Apple Mobile of Apple Ipad the new users can register the account or existing users can directly login to the Discord account to connect with Friends and Gamers instantly.

Discord app for Android:

Discord released make available the app for Android Mobile phone users, Android Mobile users can Download Discord app for Android mobile. After downloading the app to your Android Mobiles of Android Tablets, then the new users can register the account or existing users can directly login to the Discord account from your Android mobile to connect with Friends and Gamers instantly.

How to use Discord App?

To use Discord, you must create an account in the first step. You can do this using an e-mail address, and you don’t have the option of signing in with your Facebook account. Complementing the registration process will be verification of the e-mail address, then we can freely use the communicator.

Creating a Discord account with email and Password

Right after the launch, the application prompts you to register a new account. To do this, you need to enter the E-Mail address, come up with a nickname and password. It is not necessary to confirm the e-mail address. The developers provided a short guide to the main features. To do this, click on the exclamation point icon, and the program in response will display the purpose of the selected function.

To start communication, you need to create a server by clicking on the area with the image “+”. If you wish to expand the list of contacts, you need to click on the button “Add a friend”. Search for users is by nickname or e-mail address. All added users are displayed in the “Friends” block.

The main screen of the application is dedicated to those we have in the list of contacts in the Discord service. It is split into four categories: Everyone, Accessible Online (with annotation of what they are currently playing), Pending invitations and blocked users. In turn, in the upper right hand of the screen you will find an icon, after clicking which we are able to invite other Discord users to your friends.

After completing the formalities, we can start the adventure with the Discord application. Its main screen is dedicated to our contacts in the service. It has been divided into four sections: All friends, Online friends (with annotation of what they are currently playing), Pending invitations and Blocked users. In turn, using the button in the upper right corner of the screen, we can invite other users of the application to our network.

Additional program possibilities are located in the menu, which extends from the left side of the screen. We will find there a button to create a Discord server and to connect to a friend’s server, as well as a search engine for conversation threads conducted while using application.

Within this menu we can also completely mute the sounds and configure the program. The program allows you to automatically adjust the level of sensitivity to sound and reduce noise, as well as suppress noise. We can also adjust the volume manually.

In Discord, we can talk to individual friends or in groups, send sound, as well as, for example, videos or photos in text messages. This makes the application a good alternative for those who are talking, for example, via Skype.

Additional application functions are located in the pop-up menu on the left side of the display screen. We can start a conversation there and create a group of friends with whom we want to communicate, as well as search threads in conversations. In this section of the application, we can also create your own server or join the server dedicated to the game to which we were invited.

In the side menu, you can also turn off all sounds in the Discord application, as well as use the settings. Here we will look at the quality of sent and received voice messages (including noise reduction or automatic adjustment of sound intensity), as well as notifications, messages (eg view of webpages in links sent in Discord) and the appearance of the application.

Bottom Line: The Discord developers claim that their client is better than Skype and Teamspeak. Despite all the boldness of the statement with them it’s hard not to agree – all the options in the application are available for free, and some features of “talkers” like protection against DDoS attacks are not used at all by “competitors”.
Of course, the popularity of Discord so far inferior to more famous utilities, but in most other functions can even give a head start. The concept of “all the best – in one application” can not but impress.

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